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Council clarifies position over 'unsightly' 25m phone mast which appeared overnight

Melton Borough Council has clarified how a phone mast was able to be erected overnight on an industrial estate in Melton.

The 5g mast which has been installed for mobile networks '3' and 'EE' was erected by a large crane on Thursday evening and has been worked on by contractors on following days on the site at the rear of QD on Snow Hill Industrial Estate.

The mast will also improve the Emergency Service Network within the area according to the application.

Residents who live nearby took to social media to complain about their new view with the mast towering over properties in the area standing at 25m above the ground with a large steel frame and receivers placed on top.

The new mast on Snow Hill Industrial Estate. Photo: NEMM

The size and bulk of the equipment has been increased in order to accommodate 5G equipment that will support the “future-proofing” of the network and significantly increase coverage in the area.

A spokesperson from Melton Borough Council confirmed: "The council is aware of the concerns regarding the newly installed mast at the Snow Hill Industrial Estate. As both the site's landlord and the planning authority, we aim to clarify the permissions involved.

Telecoms suppliers have statutory powers to build infrastructure, such as phone masts in residential areas, to improve signal and connectivity for residents. As the landowner of Snow Hill Industrial Estate, Melton Borough Council received a statutory notice, which required us to enter into a lease agreement, which was subsequently completed.

A Prior Approval Notice is also required under planning legislation for such works, which we received in 2020. As the development met all the requirements of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, planning permission was not required.

We understand the need for improved infrastructure within the town; however, we acknowledge that some residents have concerns, and the Planning Enforcement Team found no breach of planning rules."

WHP Telecoms Limited who were the applicants and EE have been approached for comment.

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