Holwell Women FC Announce Trial Dates

Holwell Women FC have announced trial dates for the upcoming season.

Holwell Women, who play in the FA Women's National League, are hosting the trials at their home ground in Welby Road, just outside Melton.

The dates are:

Thursday 24th June 19:00-21:00

Tuesday 29th June 19:00-21:00

Sunday 4th July 10:00-12:00

Players who are interested are urged to register their interest by clicking here. *

Holwell Women FC in action last season. Photo: NEMM.

Holwell Women FC have just announced Tony Palmer as their club Manager and big things are coming for the team in the next season.

For more information or questions please contact holwellsportswfc@gmail.com or team Secretary Natalie directly at nactivesports@hotmail.co.uk.

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