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MP urges people not to panic buy over non existent fuel shortage

Rutland and Melton MP Alicia Kearns has taken to social media to plead with the public not panic buy as there is no fuel shortage.

Some media reports recently have caused some people to panic with long queues on forecourts across the country including in the Melton Borough.

Rutland and Melton MP Alicia Kearns has urged residents not to panic buy.

On Saturday Morning Ms Kearns wrote: “There is NO shortage of fuel supply in the UK.

Please do not mass buy - it will cause a shortage as petrol stations have what is needed based on NORMAL consumption, not the amounts needed for people unnecessarily filling / stocking up with cans.

There is plenty of fuel in big tanks at refineries and import terminals.

Please continue to buy fuel as normal and not panic buy. I'm sure we all remember the utterly unhelpful behaviour of some regarding household items. Some Petrol stations are now limiting purchases to prevent unhelpful consumer behaviour.

On HGV drivers, yes we need more. But this is not unique to the UK. Poland has a shortage of HGV drivers. Germany is 80k short. We now have twice as many HGV tests available and are looking at other solutions.

Please do not contribute to creating a problem with fuel.

Media speculation is unhelpful.”

There have been reports of forecourts closing early due to demand but it’s not linked to a shortage.

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