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Severn Trent Water tankers spotted as they work 'around the clock' to fix burst water main in Melton

Several water tankers were spotted last night (Thursday) as Severn Trent Water worked in the area to fix a burst water pipe.

The tankers were parked over night in the Leicester Road area prompting concerns from residents that a major outage was incoming.

However Severn Trent Water have explained that they are working on a burst water main locally which is the reason for the tankers.

Around ten tankers were spotted this lunchtime. Photo: NEMM

The issue was first reported yesterday and Severn Trent Water say they have been working around the clock to fix the issue but came across 'some complications' during the works.

A Severn Trent spokesperson said: “Our teams responded to a burst water main in Melton Mowbray yesterday and having worked around clock it has now been repaired. It’s not uncommon for us to use tankers to boost the amount of water in the local network and minimise disruption to customers while we make a repair.

“Despite these efforts, we know that some customers experienced disruption to their supplies. We would like to apologise to anyone whose supply was interrupted while we carried out this repair.”

Severn Trent Water have been working around the clock to fix the burst pipe. Photo: NEMM

The work has now been completed and the next stage will be to fill the excavation and reinstate the road surface to get everything back to normal.

Severn Trent Water issued an update on their website this afternoon (Friday) and said that as the water begins to flow back through the network of pipes, you may experience some low pressure or discoloration to the water but they are reassuring residents that over the next 24 hours, as the water continues to flow, the pressure will return to normal.

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