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The way people look for news and local information is changing. Half of adults in the UK now use social media to keep up with the latest news, according to Ofcom’s annual news consumption report.

It found that while TV is still the most popular way for people to access news, its use has fallen since last year, from 79% to 75% of adults. At the same time, use of social media for news has risen from 44% to 49%. After TV, the internet is the next most popular platform for news in 2019, used by 66% of adults. 

Unlike traditional newspapers and free door-to-door publications, we cannot be thrown away as soon as we arrive through the door with no-one flicking through. If people want to find out what's happening in the local area, they will check our website AND they will see your advert! We can also link it so it goes straight to your website to try and increase sales.

We use in page analytics to see exactly how many people have seen your advert, not an estimate, REAL TIME figures.

NEMM is a new way of sharing local news and information. It’s online & on social media – the place where most people spend their time.

We are locally produced and proud of the area we serve and take pride in sharing the highest quality verified information quickly and helping support local businesses.

We have a range of advertising packages available starting from just £5 per week, so why not get in touch and see how we can help you spread the word of your business?


Number of unique website visitors during March 2024. This is with no advertising of our own. 

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