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Concerns raised over new housing development as Council set to investigate

Residents of Melton have raised their concerns that a new housing development could be breeching part of its planning permission.

Members of the public have contacted the council about the original boundry wall which has been knocked down and replaced by a newer, modern looking wall, along the edge of the site with Thorpe Road.

The site has caused much controversy recently with the closure of Thorpe Road and neighbors complaining about HGVs using the side streets during the closure and some vehicles being damaged. The closure also resulted in the Police attending a lorry which had got stuck on Stafford Avenue and collided with a van.

Melton Borough Council are investigating complaints about the Housing Development on Thorpe Road. Photo: NEMM

Alongside this residents were also concerned about the demolition of the historic vagrant cells which are on the site.

The wall has been installed this week which has prompted complaints to Melton Borough Council's Planning team.

A spokesperson for Melton Borough Council said “We have been made aware of concerns regarding whether the construction work at the former St Mary’s Hospital site on Thorpe Road may be breaching part of the planning permission and are investigating accordingly. We are in discussions with the site manager and will be meeting with them this week to inspect the site and discuss actions moving forward.”

One resident commented: "Shame they couldn’t keep the front perimeter wall instead of knocking down and replacing with horrible modern bricks. Not in keeping at all."

Another local resident added: "Personally the whole thing will always lead me to feel nothing but bitterness and resentment towards this development. On a personal level they failed to implement fully a safe system for the road closure and went back on many promises made. Then on the wider scheme of things, the development is not within keeping for this area, the new wall is utterly horrendous and I hope they are made to put it back with the traditional brick."


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