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Headteacher warns pupils of the dangers of playing on frozen lakes following Solihull tragedy

A Melton Headteacher has warned his pupils of the dangers of playing on frozen water after two pupils from the school were apparently spotted playing on frozen water in the town.

It comes after four children died after falling into an icy lake in the West Midlands.

The warning was issued after a member of the public alerted the school to two of their students playing on the open water in a Melton Park.

Headteacher Chris Haggett was alerted to the incident by a member of the public via Facebook.

After the report Mr Haggett said: "Following on from this [the Facebook post] all parents have been emailed and all students spoken to. We have also added some additional information to our weekly news watch. The two students are fine and have been identified, they will be having a Haggett chat with me in a bit and then will contact their parents to speak to them too."

Photo: Birmingham World

Members of the public were quick to praise the Headteacher for his swift response to the news.

One said : "Well done fast response to keep all safe [sic]. We know kids will be kids but really don't want other parents to live the nightmare that the ones in Kingshurst are having to do. Sad news that the 4th boy has passed away today 😢

Stay safe children xx"

A six-year-old boy has become the fourth child to die after falling through ice into a lake in Solihull.

He had been in hospital since Sunday, when he was pulled from the lake along with three other boys, aged 11, 10 and eight, who died in hospital.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: "Our deepest sympathies are with the families and friends of those involved in this tragedy. We cannot comprehend the enormity of the pain they must feel and our hearts go out to them.

Specialist officers remain in contact with the family and we will issue further information as soon as we can."

The two pupils involved the incident have been identified by the school.

Melton Police and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Seevice have also issued advice on staying away from frozen water.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Area Manager Operational Response, Matthew Cane, said: “Following the recent incident in Solihull, we would like to remind members of our communities to be cautious near any frozen ponds, lakes and canals as they can be incredibly dangerous.

“Keep animals on leads at all times when near water. If a person or animal falls into frozen water, call 999 straight away and ask for assistance, giving your What 3 Words location where possible.

“The Fire and Rescue Service are specifically trained and equipped to deal with these incidents safely.”

For more safety advice, visit the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service website here

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