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Mars UK recalls some M&Ms CRISPY products in the UK

Mars Wrigley is recalling some of its M&Ms Crispy products due to the presence of a genetically modified organism (GMO) in an ingredient produced by a supplier.

The voluntary recall effects the following products:

M&MS Crispy 246g Pouch Slim

Item code: 5000159520232

Batch codes: 125E2HAG03, 125E3HAG03, 125F1HAG03, 125F2HAG03,125F3HAG03. Best before date: 23.01.2022

M&M'S Crispy Pouch 107G

Item code: 5000159520218 Batch codes: 125A1HAG03,125A2HAG03,125A3HAG03,125B1HAG03,125B2HAG03 125B3HAG03,125C1HAG03,125C2HAG03,125G3HAG03,126A1HAG03,126A2HAG03, 126A3HAG03,126B1HAG03,126B2HAG03,126B3HAG03,126C1HAG03,126C2HAG03 Expiry dates: 23.01.2022 & 30.01.2022

M&M'S Crispy Bag 77G

Item code: 5000159500920

Batch codes: 125D2HAG03,125D3HAG03,125E1HAG03,125G1HAG03,125G2HAG03

Expiry date: 23.01.2022

M&M'S Crispy Sgl 36G Item code: 5000159304245 Batch codes: 125G2HAG03, 125G3HAG03 Expiry date: 23.01.2022

A Mars UK spokesperson said: "As we put consumers’ preferences at the heart of everything we do, Mars Wrigley does not use GMOs in any of our products in Europe. Further, there is no GMO authorised for this ingredient under UK law and so the products must be recalled.

We have undertaken a thorough tracing exercise to determine the locations of the affected products. We can also confirm we have halted all production using the affected ingredient and have placed a hold on all products made with the impacted batch.    We will work with the supplier who provided the ingredient to ensure thorough checks are in place to ensure the issue does not recur. " No other Mars Wrigley brands, products, batch codes or best before dates are affected.

Anyone who has purchased products that have been affected should please contact Mars UK via this link:

The spokesperson added: "This voluntary recall has been initiated with the best interests of our consumers at heart. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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