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Scalford hotel to house asylum seekers

It has been confirmed today (Friday) that Scalford Country House Hotel will be assisting the Home Office by housing asylum seekers for up to five days at a time.

Rutland and Melton MP Alicia Kearns confirmed the news to her social media followers today.

In a post on her Facebook page she said: "Scalford Country House Hotel has entered into an agreement with the Home Office to provide temporary, closed quarantine accommodation to asylum seekers for around five days before being moved to long term accommodation.

This will be a secure site, and I have made clear to the Home Office that I expect an intensive COVID-19 testing regime. They have confirmed that this will be in place from day one. This agreement is until November."

It is understood that the site will be regularly patrolled with staff on site 24 hours a day.

Scalford Country Hall Hotel in Scalford Road, Melton. Photo: Shutterstock.

Scalford Court Care home who share the site with the hotel issued a Facebook statement on Friday afternoon.

It read: "This is something we ourselves only discovered late evening on Thursday 29th July.

We have spent the day speaking with Alicia Kearns, MP, various departments at Melton Borough Council, local Police officers and MTC Group to gain the facts before releasing any information.

It transpires that Scalford Country House Hotel had approached the Home Office and offered their facility to be used as an interim centre for asylum seekers who have just entered the UK.

MTC Group have been employed as the specialists in arranging the security and set up at the Hotel. MTC Group have a background in Custodial Services and we have spoken face to face with their representatives this afternoon to discuss what is happening and the implications of having such a facility within the same grounds as the Home.

MTC have reassured us that the facility will be monitored closely 24 hours a day with staff on site. Our normal strict security measures will also remain in place and the local Police for the area are upping their patrols in the area. SERCO security will be responsible for the Hotels security.

Those seeking asylum will arrive at the Hotel escorted and will remain there for 5 days, receiving Covid testing, they are to remain in their rooms except for meals, unless a positive covid result, they will not be allowed to use the grounds around the hotel. Once the initial 5 days is over and a negative covid test they will then be relocated to another facility. This facility at the Hotel has initially signed a contract for 4 months.

We want to reassure all of our residents families that we are engaging in constant communication with both the MTC Group and the local Police to ensure that our residents safety is a priority as always.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us."

A Melton Borough Council spokesperson said: "We are aware that Scalford County House Hotel has entered into an agreement with the Home Office to provide temporary, closed accommodation and support to asylum seekers. This arrangement is being led and managed by the Home Office. Whilst the Borough Council is not directly involved and there is no impact on local services or infrastructure anticipated, we will continue to liaise with key organisations and will provide any support required."

It is not clear how many asylum seekers are being housed at the hotel nor how much it is costing.

A Leicestershire police spokesperson said: “We are working closely with partner agencies and our local officers are offering reassurance in the community.”

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