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Heavy rain increases flood risk across Melton Borough

Heavy rain overnight is adding to already high river levels following recent heavy rainfall in recent days.

Roads including Saxby Road, Melton and Leicester Road, Kirby Bellars are flooded along with Lag Lane (Thorpe Road to Saxby Road).

The Drift in Wymondham is also flooded after the River Witham burst its banks on Tuesday morning.

A van negotiates flood water this morning in Wymondham.

An amber warning is still in force after being issued yesterday by the Met Office. Heavy rain is forecast to last until Thursday lunchtime increasing the risk of flooded properties and roads.

River levels are rising at the Frisby river gauge as a result of recent rainfall, the flood warning has now been upgraded to 'Flooding Is Expected'. This effects residents in Brooksby, Thrussington, Ratcliffe and Syston.

An Environment Agency Spokesperson said: "River levels have risen at the Frisby LG2 river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall. Consequently, flooding of property, roads and farmland is possible today 19/01/21. Areas most at risk are Frisby on the Wreake, including Water Lane at Frisby, and Broome Lane at Ratcliffe on the Wreake. Further rainfall is forecast over the next 48 hours. We are closely monitoring the situation. Our incident response staff are patrolling watercourses in the area and liaising with emergency services. Please move possessions and valuables off the ground or to safety and turn off gas, electricity and water."

Leicestershire & Rutland 4x4 Response, a voluntary rescue group, have shared a video on social media of Lag Lane where the road meets Saxby Road. The group are on standby to assist local services with rescues, should they be required.

The video shared to show how serious the situation is getting. Video: Leicestershire & Rutland 4x4 Response.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Suri, said “Following a cold spell where the main hazard was snow, our focus now turns to notably heavy rain moving across the UK this week. Some locations could see over 100mm of rain falling through the course just a couple of days with up to 200mm possible over higher ground. These amounts of rainfall along with snow melt present a real threat of flooding and people should keep a close eye on flood warnings from the Environment Agency."

Flooding just outside of Melton this morning.

For the latest information on flooding in our area please follow up on Twitter @nemmtweets.

To sign up for flood warnings from the Environment Agency please click here

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