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Leisure Centre responds to videos showing run-down changing rooms and damaged lighting

A provider of services at a Melton Leisure Centre has responded to videos shared on social media which appear to show damaged lights, dirty shower areas and run-down toilets.

Everyone Active who operate the Melton Sports Village have responded after videos were shared on Facebook showing changing rooms 3 and 4 at the centre in a state of disrepair with rubbish spread around the changing rooms and toilets leaking on to the floor.

The changing rooms could do with some TLC according to one visitor. Photo: Submitted.

Everyone Active is part of Sports and Leisure Management Ltd, and are the longest-established leisure contractor in the UK, having been founded in 1987.

While the building and land is owned by Melton Borough Council the management of the facility is down to Everyone Active.

A still from the videos show mould around the showers in the changing rooms. Photo: Supplied.

In the videos mess can be seen in the changing rooms at the facility including left over empty shower gel bottles, muddy footprints and broken light fittings.

The person filming the mess commentates on one of the videos saying: "Look at this mess, look at the state of the sinks, the floor, toilets and stalls. It's just revolting and we pay for this!"

A photo apparently taken in August/September 2022 shows how long the issues have been going on for. Photo: Supplied

Simon Fearn, Regional Contract Manager at Everyone Active said: “It is incredibly important to us that our customers feel our leisure centres offer a clean and welcoming environment.

“Following recent concerns raised in relation to Melton Sports Village, we are in the process of addressing issues in changing rooms three and four, the men’s toilets and the showers.

“Thorough cleaning has taken place in all areas and electrical and plumbing work will be carried out shortly.

“We apologise if expectations have not been met and want to reassure customers that we will continue to work on improvements to the cleanliness of our site.”

The news comes after the Waterfield Leisure Centre, also operated by Everyone Active, had to close earlier this week due to boiler issues affecting water temperature.

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