Lord-Lieutenant's award for young people open for nominations

The Lord-Lieutenant, Mike Kapur, is celebrating the achievements of young people in Leicester and Leicestershire.

The Lord-Lieutenant’s award for young people recognises the very best examples of achievement by young people in Leicester and Leicestershire. You can nominate a young person in one of five categories.

A screenshot from the 2020 awards which were held online. Photo: Leicestershire County Council

Finalists will be invited to attend a special awards ceremony where the overall winner will receive a £500 prize. This year, the Lord-Lieutenant is introducing a new category to recognise the contribution that young people have made to the Covid-19 relief efforts locally.

The following criteria applies:

  • The award is open to young people aged 13-19 living or attending full-time education in Leicester or Leicestershire

  • The young person can be nominated by other young people, their school, parent/carer or any other agency

  • Joint or group nominations cannot be accepted.

  • Previous finalists should not be nominated again unless there is a fresh story to tell.

There will be a separate award for each category. From the winners of these categories, one person will be announced as Lord-Lieutenant's Young Person of the Year 2022.

Award categories

1. Young Braveheart of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has:

  • overcome personal barriers to achieve success

  • made a stand against bullying, racism etc

  • demonstrated a life-saving act of bravery

2. Young Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has:

  • enhanced their local community or environment

  • cared for a neighbour or relative in need

  • helped to run a community or sports based club or society

3. Young Artist of the Year (The Joe Humphries Memorial Award)

Joe was a talented young person with a passion for the arts. Joe passed away unexpectedly in 2012 with SADS (Sudden Arrythymic Death Syndrome).

Awarded to a young person who has demonstrates real skill, innovation, and expression in:

  • visual arts

  • expressive arts

  • literature

  • music

4. Young Leader of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has:

  • motivated and inspired those around them by leading a project or change for the better

  • lead a team or group to success, overcoming obstacles and bringing people together

  • shown commitment, promise and determination

5. The Lord-Lieutenant’s Special Achievement Award

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Special Achievement Award is given to recognise the contribution that young people make to their community in exceptional circumstances.

The inaugural award will be given to young people, aged 13 to 19, who have volunteered in some way to assist with the response to the spread of the coronavirus.

The award will recognise those who:

  • Have shown great strength and enthusiasm in response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus

  • Have gone out of their way to help those around them and the vulnerable.

  • Have used their imagination and creativity to keep the spirits up of those around them

You can submit your nomination online here. The deadline for nominations is Friday 4 March 2022.

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