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Rutland and Melton MP condemns Prime Minister for ‘partygate’

By George Icke

Rutland and Melton MP Alicia Kearns has delivered a critical statement, two days after the civil servant's report was published, in which her stance has been “admired” by constituents.

Many took to the comments section of her social media to support her scathing analysis of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Rutland and Melton MP Alicia Kearns.

In a statement on her Facebook page the MP, who was reported by the National Press to be at the centre of the so-called ‘Pork Pie Plot’, wrote:

“It is wrong that families were banned from saying goodbye to their dying loved ones, whilst the Prime Minister was complicit in the holding of many goodbye parties for his staff, which we now know displayed a complete disregard for restrictions and were complete with vomiting, fighting and bullying.

To say we just need to 'move on' is to treat with contempt and disregard the sacrifices of the people of Rutland and Melton, and our entire country. All of us suffered, and many endured deep losses and heartbreak.

I can only conclude that the Prime Minister's account of events to Parliament was misleading. If he did not know about the culture of parties, then this is because he failed to ask the questions necessary, or has chosen not to since last October. Those around him clearly did not advise a policy of being honest and transparent with the British people.

Government serves only with the trust of its people. This protracted affair has brought our Government and my Party into disrepute. It has made good, hard-working and law-abiding Conservatives feel ashamed and has been a complete distraction from the many challenges we should be focused on at this difficult time.

There are broader issues with the culture that breeds under this regime in Parliament, from the shameful lengths some will pursue to preserve this premiership, to some of the individuals and actions permitted to continue under it.

My position remains unchanged since January, and the Prime Minister continues not to hold my confidence. I remain committed to doing everything I can to support the communities of Rutland and Melton, and to upholding the true values of the Conservative Party.”

One resident commented: “Well said Alicia its [sic] a shame the Prime Minister didn't hold the same value and morals as yourself.”

However, not everyone was so pleased to hear about ‘partygate’: “Why don't we just focus on the issues that matter. Like the war in Ukraine.” “If the prime minister has a drink or not - honestly it's amazing to me that anyone cares - regardless of the rules at the time.” said another.

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