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Scalford Road closed while roadworks for Bloor Homes development take place

Scalford Road in Melton Mowbray is closed until the end of November while works for the Bloor Homes development on the site is completed.

A listing on, a national roadworks website, shows that Leicestershire County Council have agreed the closure to be in place until 27th November.

Parts of Scalford have also been made one way to try and reduce travel problems.

A visual in the planning application showing the roundabout on Scalford Road. Photo: Bloor Homes/Melton Borough Council

It's believed that the works are in conjunction with the Bloors Homes development on Scalford Road where 153 dwellings and associated infrastructure are being built as part of the Stapleford Heights development.

According to the planning application a roundabout will be installed on Scalford Road which will lead in to the current development, a future development and Scalford Road towards Melton and out of town.

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