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Saxby Road latest: Road could be closed until Monday

Leicestershire County Council has published that Severn Trent Water have applied to keep Saxby Road closed until Monday.

According to the roadworks website, One.Network, Leicestershire County Council has granted permission for the road to remain closed until 12th December to allow repairs in a burst water main.

Saxby Road, Melton is completely impassable. Photo: NEMM

Following congestion around the diversion, Lag Lane between Saxby Road and Thorpe Arnold is also closed to traffic with police needing to close it early on Monday due to traffic concerns.

The road is closed following a burst water main on Saturday morning which caused damage to the road surface and residents driveways and flooded nearby gardens.

Crews are working hard to fix the issue. Photo: NEMM

The pipe which has burst is close to gas and electricity pipes so extra care needs to be taken while Severn Trent undertake repairs.

A Severn Trent Water spokesperson said: “Our teams have been working hard to fix the burst main on Saxby Road. Due to proximity of other services to the burst, we are waiting on colleagues from other utilities to attend the scene, at which point we will be able to complete the repair and get everything back to normal. Due to the location of the burst, temporary traffic management will remain in place while the repair is made, and everything is returned to normal. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.”

The road was turned in to a river on Saturday morning. Photo: Jeff Cross

The current diversion is via Freeby Lane at Waltham and Woodfold Lane just outside of Melton.

HGVs are being diverted via the A1 at Grantham to rejoin the B676 via Buckminster and Whymondham.

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