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Agencies working with travellers who have set up camp in Melton Country Park

Melton Borough Council has vowed to work with partners and colleagues after a traveller camp has been set up in Melton Country Park.

Around 20 caravans and vehicles arrived on the park near the Snow Hill Industrial Estate yesterday evening (Monday) and have set up camp near the football pitches within the park.

Travellers have set up in Melton Country Park. Photo: NEMM

A Leicestershire Police spokesperson said: "Shortly after 8pm yesterday (Monday 4 July) a report was made of an encampment off Willow Drive, Melton Mowbray.

The group have been spoken to by police and stated they intend to leave the area within the next few days."

Melton Country Park is a 140 acres area of open green space in Melton Mowbray, which is managed by Melton Borough Council.

A Melton Borough Council spokesperson said: "Visits have been made to the site today as we continue to work together with partner agencies and colleagues. The group have been issued with a notice to vacate by 10am on Thursday 7th July. Failure to do so will result in further action being taken. We would like to take this time to thank residents for their patience.”

The Police spokesperson added: "Officers are continuing to engage with the local authority regarding the matter and any enforcement required."

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