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Another local Barclays branch will be closing, bank confirms

Barclays has revealed another local branch is set to close as demand the high street banks declines.

The closure come after Melton's branch of the bank closed on 16th September last year with the building remaining unused ever since.

It's now been confirmed that Oakham's High Street branch will be closing on Friday 28th April.

Oakham's High Street branch will close later this year. Photo: Barclays

In a statement about the Oakham closure a Spokesperson said: "When deciding whether to close this branch, we looked carefully at how it’s been used and how customers are banking in other ways.

"91% of people who use our branch have also banked using the app, online and by phone in 2021

8 customers use this branch regularly as the only way to do their banking. 4% of this branch’s customers have used nearby branches in the last 12 months."

They added: "We’ll be working with the local community to understand the impact of closing this branch. Once we’ve gathered feedback, we’ll publish the results in a booklet called ‘Branch closure feedback’, which you can get from your branch or online at"

The Oakham closure is part of a further 15 branches closing around the country.

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