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Belvoir Castle Fireworks Event to go ahead

Event organisers have confirmed the Belvoir Castle firework champions event will go ahead on Saturday as planned despite the recent dry weather.

Three of the UK’s best firework companies compete against each other with a 10 minute firework display choreographed to music followed by a larger finale display.

The types of fireworks being used by the

companies are quite different to the material available to the general public, each company uses category 4 fireworks – those that are for professional use only and the biggest available in the UK.

The event will be at Belvoir Castle on Friday. Photo: MLE Pyrotechnics

Crowds then vote for their favourite performance via text message.

The Firework Champions event is run by MLE Pyrotechnics Limited and is one of several held over the summer at stately homes.

In a statement issued to NEMM the event Director said: “We have produced the Firework Champions event at other stately homes on the previous two weekends running in far hotter and dryer conditions with no issues at all.

We have now inspected the site at Belvoir on two occasions - the latest taking place this week - and have no concerns with the event taking place on 20 August.

The site is is very well maintained with short grass everywhere which will not sustain fire or allow transmission. Whilst the ground might have been subjected to a long period without rain, we are due rain during the course of the week but even without this, we don’t foresee any issues.

The private grounds of the Belvoir Castle estate far exceed the footprint of the fireworks event and as such no risk exists to any neighbours.

In line with our ongoing commitment to health and safety, we have a private fire tender with four trained fire marshalls attending the event.”

Questions were raised by residents whether the event would go ahead or not because of the recent dry weather.

Some fireworks events locally have been cancelled including a stunt plane performance scheduled for last week.

The event was due to involve an aeroplane taking off from Leicester Airport and flying over Stoughton, Thurnby and Houghton shooting out fireworks from the wings.

More information and tickets are available from the official website:

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