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Building work halted by Council due to muddy roads caused by construction vehicles

Melton Borough Council have forced a construction site to stop working until wheel cleaning measures are in place following complaints from residents.

The construction site, of Lake Terrace in Melton, is situated close to Melton's Refuse site and has recently seen lorries moving waste from the site, resulting in mud being spread across Lake Terrace itself along with Leicester Road and other roads around the town.

Mud all over the road in Lake Terrace, Melton. Photo: Melton Borough Council.

A Melton Borough Council spokesperson said: "Following concerns raised by local residents about the mud and debris on the highways near Lake Terrace, our Planning Enforcement Team have served a Temporary Stop Notice on the development site this afternoon.

The notice prevents construction vehicles from entering or exiting the site until appropriate wheel washing facilities are in place.

We will continue to engage with the developers and monitor the issue until it is resolved.

The building work is to construct up to 90 homes.

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