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Business Park sees increase in demand after lockdown

A Melton Business Park has seen an increase in demand for solutions as lockdown eases across the Country.

Pera Business Park in Nottingham Road, Melton, have noted an increase in businesses looking for a more flexible solution to accommodate ‘smart’ working since the start of 2021.

These enquiries are from businesses currently based in a variety of locations, from high street rentals to home offices, resulting in seven new businesses moving to site already this year.

One example is a local accountancy firm who were originally based on Melton’s high street but moved to fresh new offices at Pera Business Park in April 2021.

Marcus West, Director at Coulter & Co said: "We had been in town the centre for 25 years, with no parking and dated offices. With my old business partner retiring it seemed the perfect time to make the change to more professional offices with plenty of parking for staff and clients.”

“This has made things far easier for dropping off books, etc. and the manned reception also plays its part. It’s only been a few weeks but I can already tell we have made the right decision as a business and the staff love it.”

Pera Business Park in Melton. Photo: Supplied.

As part of their continued investment in facilities, Pera Business Park have also recently installed six Electric Vehicle charging points for use by tenants and their customers.

Businesses already situated at Pera Business Park are embracing the flexibility provided by the fully-managed solution, as they are able to up-scale or streamline depending on their team’s current needs.

Nigel Brown, Director of Pera Business Park commented, “My team and I do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of each individual tenant and take huge pride in being able to support businesses in adapting to the ‘new normal’.

This level of flexibility has resulted in us operating at over 90% capacity, with word spreading around town that more suitable office solutions are available in Melton.”

As well as hundreds of fully-serviced offices, Pera Business Park also offers Virtual Office Solutions and Hot Desking, with the latter recently re-launching post-lockdown.

For more information on Pera Business Park visit

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