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Concerns raised over dead fish in Melton river

Residents have been raising concerns over several dead fish in the River Wreake near Melton.

Members of the public posted on the local community Fcaebook page highlighting a number of dead fish in the River Wreake towards the end of last week.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “Summer can see Environment Agency staff responding to many reports of fish in distress.

"Water naturally carries less oxygen during hot dry spells and prolonged warm dry weather can affect fish in rivers, canals and still waters.

“Prolonged warm weather followed by intense summer rainstorms, such as those we experienced across the Midlands in the last week, including the River Wreake in Leicestershire, can wash material into watercourses which can build up on roads and in gullies.

“Once in a watercourse, this material will further deplete the water of oxygen, and can lead to serious fish mortalities.

“We are currently assessing each report to see what action can be taken and are providing advice as required.

“Our teams are monitoring the watercourses and our Fisheries Officers are providing remediation advice to fishery owners.

“The Canal and River Trust has deployed fisheries contractors to undertake aeration activities on affected canals.

“We encourage people to report any distressed or dead fish to our hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

Responding to fish in distress and fish kills is part of the Environment Agency’s service to protect fish stocks and the fisheries they support. We deliver our service on all waters where fishing takes place. This includes rivers, stillwaters and canals both private or open to the public. This is funded by the fishing licence.

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