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Council invites feedback on Stockyard proposals as 'Levelling Up' funding is put to work

Melton Borough Council is inviting residents to give their feedback and input on new Stockyard proposals which will be funded by UK Government Levelling Up funding.

The Stockyard is the new name for Melton Mowbray Market which is already home to some local food and drink producers including smokefood specialists Feast & Furious and multiple award winning brewery, Round Corner Brewing.

The Council has released a survey giving people the chance to feedback on the proposals. The survey closes on 12th April.

An artists impression of how the new Stockyard could look. Photo: Melton Borough Council

The development to enhance the Stockyard is being funded by the Levelling up Fund, which is designed to invest in infrastructure and support regeneration across the UK.

The Stockyard will serve as a central hub for fostering innovation in the food and drink industry. It will act as a driving force for investment in the town, showcasing Melton as a hub of innovation and a catalyst for local trade and enterprise.

Melton Borough Council say that investment in the Stockyard will create a centre of excellence around food and drink production and experience, complementing the rich offer already in existence within the High Street area and harnessing Melton's ‘Rural Capital of Food’ brand.

The development will also play host to a multifunctional event space that will support the growth of our existing regional and national events calendar, making the Stockyard a versatile destination through its ability to cater for large-scale events, music, and food festivals.

It is hoped that following the survey, the relevant planning applications will be done around Spring 2024 with work commencing on site around Winter 2024.

Another major milestone in the planned works will be the procurement of construction works which is planned to take place in the Summer.

A Melton Borough Council spokesperson said: "This project comes at a unique time in Melton’s history, providing a catalyst for investment in the town and showcasing Melton as a place of innovation and an accelerator of local trade and enterprise.

We want to update local residents, businesses and organisations on the progress being made to date on this project."

You can take part in the survey by clicking here or by visiting the Melton Borough Council website.

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