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Fire crews issue arson warning

Firefighters from Melton Fire Station have issued a warning to arsonists in the Melton area they could end up with a prison sentence, following a spate of deliberate fires in the Country Park.

Retained Fire Crews have attended three fires within Melton Country Park within the last three nights which resulted in some play equipment being destroyed by fire.

Crews tackling one of the fires in Melton Country Park. Photo: Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service.

A post on the Melton Fire Station Facebook post said: "For the past 3 nights the On-Call crew from Melton have attended 3 fires at Melton Country Park. This is Arson! Arson is a crime and is punishable with a prison sentence of upto 6 months! This also makes a children's play area unsafe! Attending these types of incidents also stops crews from being available for life threatening incidents and could put other peoples lives at risk! Melton Police have been notified and will be increasing patrols in the area. If you have any information please contact crime stoppers or Leicestershire Police."

Leicestershire Police are investigating the incidents.

In an email to residents PCSO Biggs said: “Arson is a crime of wilfully and maliciously setting fire to or charring property. This is an extremely serious offence and the Police treat this attack seriously and any persons caught will be dealt with robustly.

Whilst these crimes are currently being investigated we will be increasing our patrols in the Country Park but we urge any members of the public who use the park to report any suspicious activity straight away on 999.

This has to stop before someone is seriously hurt!

If you live on the outskirts of the Country Park and have CCTV /Ring door bells please can this be checked and any activity seen over the last few evenings on the above times stated please report this on 101 or contact crime stoppers using crime number 21000627111.”

If you have any information you can contact Fire Stoppers via their website at or report the information to Leicestershire Police on 101 or via their website - always use 999 in an emergency.

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