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Fire crews rescue occupants after car ends up in ditch

Three people had to be rescued from their car after it became trapped in a ditch full of water.

Leicestershire Police asked for assistance from Leicestershire Fire Rescue Service at the incident in Burton Lazars on Saturday lunchtime.

A spokesperson for Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service said: "Initial call received from Leicestershire Police requesting Fire Service attendance to a Road Traffic Collision involving one vehicle into a ditch with 2 persons trapped within vehicle.

Both occupants of vehicle advised not injured, but unable to exit vehicle due to location."

Crews from Melton and Oakham attended the incident. Photo: NEMM File Photo.

Crews from Melton and Oakham Fire and Rescue Stations attenddd the incident just after 12pm on Saturday lunchtime.

The spokesperson added: "Vehicle is sat in approx. 8 inches of water. There were 3 persons trapped within vehicle 1 adult and 2 children, all 3 occupants have been walked to safety by Fire Crews."

The incident was closed at 12:26, All 3 casualties are fit and well. No ambulances were required at the incident.

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