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Fire Service called to public event as bonfire loses control

Firefighters were called to the Play Close on Saturday as the bonfire at the event lost control.

Burning embers were seen coming from the bonfire towards the crowd which resulted in some people needing treatment for minor burns.

The event, which is hosted by Melton Mowbray Town Estate, was busy with families waiting for the fireworks which were delayed as a result of the out of control bonfire.

The bonfire ready to be lit on Saturday morning. Photo: NEMM

A Leicestershire Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: "It was a bonfire out of control, spreading embers across the site - the fire was knocked down intermittently and a few people received minor burns caused by cinders."

Firefighters were called to bring the fire under control. Photo: Elle Bulsara

Two appliances from Melton station were mobilised along with police to help manage the situation.

The bonfire's reflection as seen from Burton Road on Saturday evening. Photo: NEMM

One visitor to the event said: " Well it [the bonfire] was stacked so high to start, the gates were very close, after they had lit the fire it was just silly, it was so high, with the little bits off those burning things coming down over us.

Kids were pulled off the trampolines, some of the attractions had to go round taking their signs down, we all ended up around the out skirts of the park."

Firefighters from Melton station work to bring the fire under control. Photo: Elle Bulsara

Graham Bett, Chairman of Melton Mowbray Town Estate, said: "The Halloween fireworks and funfair event on Saturday was enjoyed by thousands of local people. We are grateful to the staff and volunteers, especially the Lions, for helping make it such a success.

We are also grateful to the Police and Fire Service for their help and support; particularly the Fire Service who dampened down the bonfire so that the firework display could take place safely.

We have received two complaints; one of which suggested some embers caused damage to a pushchair & pram.

As with all Town Estate activities, a thorough review will take place that will consider all aspects of the event, in order to learn lessons and plan for the future."

After the fire was dealt with fireworks were set off as planned and the event continued with thousands enjoying the display.

In a statement a Leicestershire Police spokesperson said: "Officers and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service were called to Melton Town Park on Saturday evening (29 October) following concerns about the intensity of a bonfire that was lit at a public event. Two people were treated for minor injuries after embers from the fire flew into the crowd. The fire was dealt with by the fire service and the event was allowed to continue."

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