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Firefighters rescue horse from swimming pool

Firefighters from Leicestershire Fire & Rescue service have rescued a horse from a swimming pool in Knossington.

Fire control received a call at 07:28 this morning (Friday) from the owner of the horse to say it had fallen through covers in to the pool.

A fire appliance from Oakham and a specialist rescue team from Southern station were mobilised to the incident in Owston Road, Knossington along with a vet.

Firefighters from Oakham were part of the rescue effort on Friday. Photo: Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Stock Image

A Leicestershire Fire & Rescue spokesperson said: "On arrival Incident Commander confirmed one large male horse in swimming pool. Horse on all four legs and close to pool steps, vet on scene.

Making use of farmers mechanical equipment to aid rescue of animal and using light portable pump to empty the pool. Animal Rescue team formulated plan to use mechanical tele handler and harness to release horse from pool, vet has sedated the animal."

The horse was successfully rescued from the pool and was checked over by a vet before returning the animal to its stables.

For animal safety, fire crews pumped out the water from the swimming pool.

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