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Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service launch recruitment drive for on-call firefighters

Applications are now open for On-Call firefighters at a number of stations across Leicestershire and Rutland including Melton Mowbray & Oakham stations.

Whether you are looking for a new challenge, or wanting to give something back to your local community, the role of an On-Call firefighter could be for you.

Being an On-Call firefighter, you work alongside Wholetime firefighters, but do not work full-time. On-Call firefighters are paid to spend some periods of time available on-call to respond to emergency incidents.

During 2019/20, Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service attended a total of 8,541 emergency incidents, including 2,079 fires and 748 road traffic collisions.

A total of 7,274 Home Safety Checks were completed and they fitted 4,720 smoke alarms.

305 schools were visited as part of the Service’s schools programme, delivering fire and road safety education to 26,218 pupils. Staff organised or took part in 1,218 community safety activities, totalling over 11,000 hours of time engaging with members of the public.

Once fully trained, you will carry an alerter and respond to emergency calls, where you will face all kinds of challenges within your local communities.

This means you must live or work within four minutes of an On-Call station, with the exception of Market Bosworth and Billesdon which is six minutes.

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service are recruiting on-call firefighters. Photo: NEMM stock image.

Callum Faint, Chief Fire and Rescue Officer, said: “This is a real opportunity for members of our local communities, who are looking for a rewarding job where they can also give something positive back to their local area.

“On-Call firefighters have a vital part to play in Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, by helping to provide the very best service to our local communities, and making safer people and safer places.”

Many On-Call firefighters have full-time jobs; others may be self-employed or stay at home parents.

Callum added: “Over the last few weeks we have been running a number of ‘Have a Go’ days and virtual Q and A workshops for people to find out more about the role and to help them prepare for the recruitment process. If you haven’t managed to join us for these sessions yet, I would encourage you to join our last virtual Q and A workshop and attend one of our remaining ‘Have a Go’ days, where we can give you a real insight into the role and what to expect.”

The last virtual workshop is taking place on Wednesday 4 May at 7pm.

The remaining ‘Have a Go’ days are taking place on the following dates:

  • Saturday 7 May – Oakham Fire and Rescue Station

  • Sunday 8 May – Shepshed Fire and Rescue Station

To book onto the workshop or a ‘Have a Go’ session or apply for the roles please visit:

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