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Long standing taxi drivers honoured by Council

Melton Borough Council have awarded a number of licensed taxi drivers in the borough with long service awards.

A special ceremony was held on Wednesday to recognise seven taxi drivers who between them have clocked up more than 278 years behind the wheel transporting passengers.

The seven drivers who were given awards during the ceremony on Wednesday. Photo: Melton Borough Council

Cllr Freer the Portfolio holder for Climate, Access and Engagement said “Taxi drivers are an important part of our Melton Borough community, providing a service that supports the residents of the borough for a variety of reasons and occasions. This event highlights the impressive commitment and dedication the drivers have had to their career. Taxi drivers will regularly be the first contact that visitors to Melton will speak to, and it is important we value the work of these ambassadors to our town."

The awards were to recognise the valuable service in helping people and enabling the town to function effectively and to acknowledge their roles as ambassadors for the area. The Mayor presented each driver with their award and thanked them for their service.

Awards for 35 years service to:

  • Glynn Hudson

  • Andy Martin

Awards for 40 years service to:

  • Michele Addesso

  • Robert Croft

  • Lee Franklin

  • Brian Parker

Award for 48 years service to:

  • Alan Bagshaw

These awards recognise the significant contribution taxis provide and identify that it can be a job for life. Melton Borough Council has encouraged new applications from drivers interested in following such a career.

If you are interested in finding out more you can email the Licensing Team at Melton Borough Council

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