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Melton singer wows millions as he transforms in to huge popstar on ITV1 show

A well known Melton musician rubbed shoulders with music royalty recently as they took part in popular ITV1 show Starstruck.

Award winning musician George Simpson wowed judges and the public on Saturday night as he transformed in to music icon Ed Sheeran for a chance to win £50,000.

Starstruck launched on ITV in February 2022, with a consolidated 4.7 million tuning into its first episode, making the show one of the biggest new entertainment commissions of the year.

In each episode, viewers see contestants undergo the ultimate ‘superstar experience’, shedding their normal personas to become global icons, all courtesy of an elite team of glam and stylists overseeing an extraordinary on screen transformation.

Speaking to NEMM, George said: "The filming experience was crazy. Really surreal, exciting but also nerve-wracking! I was nervous all week leading up to it! Because it was the climax of months or auditions and rehearsals and trips to London and the ITV studios and there was a real built up self created pressure on myself to deliver the goods so to speak.

I knew that if I fluffed my lines, or messed up it would be permanent and probably do more damage than good. But, on the night, backstage, seeing the audience and the judges, wow! It was incredible! It went so fast, but once I started the song, I suddenly felt really relaxed and just soaked it all up!"

The series features judges Shania Twain, Jason Manford, Adam Lambert and Beverley Knight and was filmed last September.

George Simpson as Ed Sheeran on Starstruck. Photo: ITV Studios

George said: "The judges actually left us about 20 minutes of feedback but the programme edited it down to not much at all. They were great. Jason Manford is so funny but also really articulate with his feedback. He had a lot to say and he was the Mr Positive out of the 4 judges.

It’s a really shame they didn’t show more comments as Adam Lambert really praised me for how I started the song and said it’s a really tough job opening a song and especially a song like that, whilst remaining calm, confident and keeping it sincere."

"Beverley Knight came up to us after the show and said some lovely things and a real motivational talk about keeping up the singing and that we were great vocalists and to keep following our dreams.

Shania also came up and gave us all a hug and a kiss and just said a big well done! Again, totally surreal but something I’ll never forget!

On TV to hear Adam Lambert say we were fantastic singers and Beverley really praise how I started the song ( Strong, controlled and with seniority) was mind blowing! I mean, they are one of the best male and female vocalists around!"

Host Olly Murs with George and other contestants Callum and Jack. Photo: ITV Studios

George, who was supported by his family who were in the audience, applied for the show after being poached by a producer of the series.

He added: "I was actually asked on instagram to apply as they were touting for singers to apply I guess! There was a chance to sing on the biggest stage, in front of the some of the best in the business, with the best sound and lighting and a studio audience and a chance to be on prime time TV so why not! Who wouldn’t want to experience that as a singer! I never thought it would happen though when I applied"

The three 'Ed Sheeran's' took it in turns to sing parts of his massive hit 'Thinking Out Loud' during the show on Saturday night which was watched by millions of people.

George before he is transformed in to the mega superstar. Photo: ITV Studios

The performance received a standing ovation from the audience and team Ed were chosen to make it through to the next round.

Speaking of the performance judge Beverley Knight said: "You had the task of starting, you came out strong and were controlled and sincere."

When asked about watching it back on TV George said: "It was so so weird! I almost didn’t want to see it which may sounds strange for readers.

I’m so self critical of my performances, whether it be in a restaurant or wedding.

.I knew if there was a split second of a note being out of tune, it would really annoy me hearing it back! I’m really pleased with how I came across in the VT and the songs.

I couldn’t have sang any better although I did wish that I could have been given some parts that show off my voice more and an even share of the lines in the sing off but that’s the way it is on these shows. Callum was a well deserved winner and great lad who will go far! He is great singer."

The group are all smiles after their performance. Photo: ITV Studios

George, who has released his own albums 'Playing For Strangers' and 'Hearts Were Gold' admitted that his writing his own music had taken a back seat recently but could make a return.

He added: "I have a few finished songs and several I want to record this summer and release and get back in to making some new music again as I just love it and this whole experience has rejuvenated my music career to be honest and has given me a lift!

I work hard with my business performing a private events and have felt a bit forgotten really over the past 5 years so the timing of this show has been perfect for really kickstarting things again! The past decade I have focussed on raising my kids and just cementing my reputation with my wedding business and releasing music and writing has bottom of the priority list but I have missed it loads!"

You can re-watch George's epic performance on ITVX by clicking here.

George will be performing at Fur & Feather in Melton's Stockyard on Thursday March 9th at 8pm.

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