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Multiple agency training exercise planned for Leicester City Centre

The public are being warned of a planned exercise in Leicester City Centr tomorrow.

Multiple emergency vehicles are expected to descent on the vacant Debenhams unit in Leicester's Highcross in the City Centre tomorrow as a multiple agency training exercise is planned.

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service say that up to 10 appliances are expected to attend the exercise, ensuring a robust and realistic simulation of emergency response efforts.

Simon Holden, Area Manager Response, says, “We are grateful to Highcross for working with us to host such a large multi-agency exercise. It is important to the Service that we can train and practice our response in key locations across the county. By working together in realistic scenarios, we can put into practice our coordinated response to emergencies, ultimately benefiting the entire community.”

Jo Tallack, senior general manager at Highcross, said: “We’re pleased to be supporting Leicester Fire and Rescue Service and the accompanying local agencies, including Leicestershire Police and East Midlands Ambulance Service, with the planned fire training exercise.

As a large public space in Leicester city centre, we not only rely on the preparedness of our own teams, but also those around the community, like Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, to ensure the safety of our shoppers, staff and retail teams in the event of an emergency.

Training exercises like this are fundamental to the operation of our centre, and the wider community of Leicester, and we’re pleased to be playing a part by allowing the team to use a vacant unit to carry out this important training exercise.”

Upto 10 applicances are expected to be in attendance. Photo: NEMM File Photo

A spokesperfon for Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service said: "The public is advised that this is a planned exercise, and there is no cause for concern. The area around the former Debenhams building may appear busy with emergency vehicles and personnel, but this is all part of the controlled training scenario. We appreciate the community’s understanding and cooperation during this important exercise."

The exercise will take place on Wednesday 26 June, between 14:00 and 19:00.

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