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MV16 Cancels Online Lessons Due To Cyber Attack

Melton Vale Post 16 Centre in Burton Road Melton has suspended online lessons today due to a cyber attack over night.

MV16 in Melton. Photo: MV16

In a statement posted on their social media the group said: “In response to a cyber attack we have had to shut down our systems as a preventative measure in the short term, so we do not have access to our usual modes of communication such as email, phone and website. We will therefore not be able to provide live teaching today or upload new learning resources. We recommend that all students follow their usual timetable, spending their time consolidating their learning from recent lessons by studying their notes and access related on line resources through BBC bitesize, Oak Academy, GCSE Pod, Seneca etc.

We will keep you updated via Instagram and Facebook throughout the day.”

It is not known the extent of the cyber damage.

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