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Police issue fraud warning after number of incidents in Melton Borough

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Police have issued a warning to local residents after a number of fraud incidents have been reported to the force.

On Thursday Leicestershire Police received four reports of courier fraud within the Melton and Rutland Neighbourhood Policing Area (NPA) – and they are asking our communities to be aware of such scams.

Officers from Melton Police Station in King street issued the warning on social media and in an email to residents who are part of the Neighbourhood Link email system.

Two women living at different addresses in Melton Mowbray – one in her 80s, the other in her 70s – received phone calls from someone purporting to be a police officer from Scotland Yard. The caller told the victims their cards had been used fraudulently and asked them to withdraw money.

The victim in her 80s handed over £2,000, while the victim in her 70s handed over £3,600.

A woman in Thorpe Satchville – who is also in her 80s – also received a similar call and handed over £3,200 to a man who visited her address later that day.

Another woman in her 70s – also living in Melton – received a call from a man purporting to be an officer shortly after 2.30pm. However when the caller tried to contact her again, she did not answer. No money was handed over.

Police have issued a warning for residents to be on guard. Photo: NEMM File Photo

Nicole McIntyre, from the force’s Economic Crime Unit (ECU) said: “Criminals involved in courier fraud will often target elderly people in the belief that they will believe and act on what they’re told.

“I would urge everyone across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland – but particularly those in and around Melton – to be wary of this scam. Please speak to any elderly relatives, friends or neighbours and help pass this message on.

“A serving police officer investigating a report of fraudulent activity would never ask you to withdraw money from your account. You are also within your right to ask anyone visiting your address, who claims to be from a named organisation, for identification.”

Enquiries into both incidents are continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact police, quoting reference 22*436562 or 22*436186 (both Melton) or 22*436478 (Thorpe Satchville).

Further information about courier fraud – including what steps you can take to protect yourself – can be found by visiting

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