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Police issue reassurance to Melton businesses

After reports of anti social behaviour in Rutland within the last few days many businesses have been worried about their property after the arrival of an encampment with the Melton area.

Many places chose to close on Tuesday evening, with some only staying open for the Czech Republic V England Euros match for pre-booked tables.

Reports of anti social behaviour in Oakham have been linked with a religious festival taking place on the Rutland Showground which is expected to go on until tomorrow, with the site being fully vacated by Friday.

Police patrolling the Rutland Showground in Oakham. Photo: Leicestershire Police.

In a statement posted on social media Town Centre Beat Officer PC Davey Rawlings posted: "Melton Police are aware of a small encampment within Melton Mowbray Town Centre. Officers are engaging with those on the site and will be liaising with relevant authorities to determine the longevity of their stay and long term solutions to prevent further encampments happening."

He continued: "Leicestershire Police have been contacted by local business owners in relation to the effect the encampment will have on their businesses. There has been no reports of ASB or Crimes as a result of the encampment setting up, as such NO such advice has been issued by Police or indeed from Melton Borough Council."

Rutland and Melton MP Alicia Kearns updated constituents last night (Tuesday) on the situation within the Melton Borough.

She said: "I’m aware of concerns around increased criminality in Melton, and some pubs choosing to close due to worries about anti-social behaviour and criminal acts. Currently

there is no confirmed link to Rutland Showground."

She added: " There remains a strong Police presence in Melton. The Dog, Drone and Specialist Road and Driver teams in Rutland currently are from across Leicestershire. Rutland and Melton police work in partnership at all times.

Yesterday when I met with Police I specifically asked whether we were monitoring wider areas and Melton specifically, and whether they were prepared to step up policing in those areas too if required. I was reassured that monitoring of crime migration was in place and resources were ready as needed."

"I have reached out to the Police again today to discuss their policing plan for Melton and to ask them to contact businesses to ascertain what support they’d like.

It’s vital that you call the Police to report crime on 101, or 999 in an emergency or to report an ongoing crime."

The Oakham event is due to end tomorrow (Thursday). This afternoon Leicestershire Police issued an update to residents.

Superintendent Jonny Starbuck said: “Leicestershire police have been working closely with Rutland County Council and other partners to ensure the right plan is in place for the next few days and in particular the traffic management when the event goers leave the site.

“Initially we received over one hundred calls to police in relation to this event, mostly these calls to police were to notify us that it was happening and ask us if we were aware of the event. There was considerable anti-social behaviour reported and we have made two arrests.

“Since the policing operation was put in place we have seen these calls to police drop to twenty. We are aware of non-payment for food and shoplifting from local businesses and we are working with them to ensure the right action is taken. Mainly, we have had reports of anti-social behaviour and a few reports relating to covid compliance.

“We or our partners, have not advised any businesses to close – this is a decision for the retailers to make, taking into consideration what the right choice would be for their business.

“I want to thank Rutland Council and our partners for all pulling together to provide the local community with the right support and reassurance. We understand that anti-social behaviour can have a significant impact on the local community and I would like to thank them for working with us on this matter and I would encourage them to continue to report incidents to us.

“Again, we want to stress that this is a legal event and the majority of the people visiting are there to enjoy their faith. There are only a few who are determined to engage in this negative behaviour. We will deal with those who commit crime swiftly and robustly.”

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