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Prolific offender put behind bars for breaching Criminal Behaviour Order

A prolific shoplifter from Melton has been sentenced after breaching her Criminal Behaviour Order.

37 year old Gemma Reay was sentenced yesterday to 36 weeks in prison for breaching her order which was given by the courts for previous offending.

The prolific offender had been arrested in the town centre the previous day by PC Shane who updated the Melton Police Facebook page.

Part of her conditions were to not enter shops in the Town Centre she was banned from. Photo: NEMM

He wrote: “ At court yesterday, Gemma REAY, aged 37, was sentenced to 36 weeks custodial sentence and sent to prison. This was for a previous suspended sentence relating to thefts and breach of CBO, and for a more recent theft and breach of CBO.

This is a great result for the community who have been brilliant at providing reports for us to investigate to allow Melton a break from her offending. Support will be offered to REAY upon her release to try and prevent any future offending.”

Criminal Behaviour Orders can be applied for a number of different issues. REAY’s conditions make it a criminal offence to enter any store once asked to leave, or to enter any store that she is banned from.

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