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Rutland Showground event will vacate site on Friday says Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council has clarified a decision by multi-agency partners that the Light and Life event will close on Thursday (24 June 2021) and the site will be vacated on Friday (25 June 2021) as originally planned by the event organisers.

The Council has reviewed the event plans and risk assessments and made recommendations to the event organisers for improvements to the running of the event.

Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council, explains: “This is not an ideal situation, and we are certainly not happy that we have had to retrofit processes to ensure the safe running of this event for attendees and our community.

“We have two main issues that the Council and its partners, particularly the Police, are currently handling. The first being the safe running of the event, including ensuring it is operated within Covid-19 regulations and that traffic, noise and waste is managed appropriately.

The event is due to come to a close this week. Image Credit: Katy Anderson

“The second is around a small, yet significantly impactful group of attendees which have chosen to disrespect our community. As a result, the Council and Police are having to manage the immediate impact of these attendees and will continue to do so to protect our community until the site is vacated on Friday.

“Allowing the site to be vacated on Friday, as originally planned by the event organisers, means the Council and its partners can develop and put in place plans to enable the safe departure of all attendees, minimising impact on our roads and infrastructure, ensuring attendees move on to their next destination, whether home or another event, without delay.”

Rutland Police issued a thanks to colleagues on Tuesday afternoon for their assistance at the event.

They said in a tweet: "Thanks again to colleagues from HQ #TacticalSupportTeam and #RoadsPolicingUnit patrolling the roads and businesses in #Oakham during the event at the #RutlandShowground"

Superintendent Jonny Starbuck said: "Our presence continues in Oakham and at the Light and Life event at Rutland Show Ground. We have additional resources from the wider force to assist in dealing with issues that have been reported including an increase in anti-social behaviour, some criminal offences and driving offences.

"This is an outdoor event which is legal. We have been working with the event organisers and partners to ensure that Covid rules are followed.

"Local officers continue to patrol on the ground and to engage with local business owners and licensed premises.

"We are investigating a number of offences including attempted robbery and anti-social behaviour. Two arrests have been made so far.

"Residents in the area continue to report anti-social behaviour which we are responding to. We are working closely with our partners, with the organiser and with participants at the event to ensure that people can go about their usual business with the least disruption. Where offences are committed, we will deal with them effectively and robustly.

"Our enhanced visible presence throughout the day, both around the site and in the town itself, is there to enhance reassurance to our local communities whilst also supporting a swift response where needed."

Police patrol the event in Oakham. Photo: Leicestershire Police.

In the meantime, residents, businesses and road users who have any concerns or information to report should follow the advice of Leicestershire Police - visit quoting reference Log 186 of 19 June 2021 or to call 101.

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