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Saxby Road in Melton remains impassable as working week set to begin

Saxby Road in Melton is still closed following a burst water main on Saturday morning.

Firefighters and Police were called to reports of a burst water main on Saxby Road in Melton on Saturday morning as water flooded nearby driveways and gardens while damaging the road surface and local driveways.

A signed diversion is in place on the A607 towards Thorpe Arnold's then on towards Waltham On The Wolds while repairs are undertaken.

Severn Trent Water have confirmed they have now fixed the burst main and are now focussing on repairing the road surface, resulting in the road remaining closed.

Saxby Road in Melton is completely

impassable following a burst main on Saturday. Photo: Jeff Cross

The road is impassable from Green Bank (Mars entrance) to the junction of Norman Way and Thorpe Road.

Saxby Road turned in to a river on Saturday following a burst main. Photo: Jeff Cross

Speaking on Saturday morning a Severn Trent spokesperson said: ‘We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused by work on Saxby Road this morning, as our teams are working to fix a burst pipe. Everyone's water supply is on, however, to carry out the repair safely we have had to close a section of the road. We're sorry for the disruption this will cause, but want to assure everyone that it will be our absolute priority to get everything fixed and back to normal as quickly as we can.' 

Saxby Road is completely closed following the leak. Photo: Jeff Cross

Leicestershire Police originally closed the road around 5:30 on Saturday morning before handing the incident over to Severn Trent Water.

Saxby Road was badly flooded on Saturday morning. Photo: NEMM

Residents were woken early on Saturday morning with around 2ft of water moving down the road after the pipe burst and shifted road surfaces.

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