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SMB Group Make A Commitment To Sustainability

On Thursday 21st April the SMB College Group, who operate Brooksby Melton College and Brooksby Campus, will launch their Sustainability and Regeneration Strategy, in which they outline their commitment to working sustainably across all Group activities.

Featuring targets for sustainable resourcing, sustainable environmental practices, sustainable educational practices, sustainable finances and sustainable business, the College Group will utilise this strategy to ensure that sustainability and regeneration are embedded into the culture of the organisation, underpinning all Group activities.

The SMB College Group hopes that this increased and continued focus on improving the sustainability of business practices will enable them to meet the needs of the present without compromising the resources of the future.

The focus on sustainability is particularly significant at the college’s Brooksby Campus - an 850 acre countryside estate where land-based qualifications have been delivered for generations, and where qualifications on offer include Level 2 and Level 3 Countryside and Environmental Management. The college also hopes to introduce a Foundation Degree in Applied Environmental Management at the Brooksby Campus from September 2022*.

Dawn Whitemore, Principal and CEO of the SMB Group, said ‘We are proud to see our vision to be a sustainable organisation come to life through our Sustainability and Regeneration Strategy. The next three years will be an exciting time for the SMB College Group as we focus on embedding sustainability into all areas of our business, land management and education provision.’

The College Group, which was formed in February 2020 with the merger of Brooksby Melton College and Stephenson College, was founded with the key tenets of innovation, ethics, excellence and sustainability at its heart. Across its three campuses, the college offers a wide variety of qualifications perfect for students who are looking to kick-start their careers in the creative, care, land-based, sport or trade industries.

To read the college’s full Sustainability and Regeneration Strategy, and to keep up to date with their progress, visit<>.

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