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Police discover large cannabis operation following road traffic collision

More information has been released following the discovery of a large cannabis cultivation operation in a Vale village yesterday.

As we first reported yesterday, Leicestershire Police were called to reports of a collision involving two cars and a van on the A607 on Tuesday evening.

A Force spokesperson, on Wednesday, told NEMM: "Shortly before 9.30pm yesterday (Tuesday 27 February) reports were received stating a collision had occurred involving two cars and a van on the A607 in Croxton Kerrial. Officers attended and found one car abandoned at the scene. The other two vehicles had left prior to their arrival."

Following extensive enquiries after the incident, this led local and specialist officers to an address in Waltham On The Wolds, where entry had to be forced to check on the welfare of the occupant.

After forcing entry to the property, police discovered a large cannabis grow.

The scene which greeted police after forcing entry in Waltham. Photo: Leicestershire Police

Due to the dangers around a cannabis grow, electricity to the property had to be cut, meaning police had to work by torchlight to clear the factory.

Melton officers worked with Oakham teams to get the incident cleared and bagged as part of the ongoing investigation.

Police discovered a fairly large operation after forcing entry. Photo: Leicestershire Police

PC Dan Daley from Melton Police said: "[we were joined by other officers] to get it all cleared, made safe and accurately evidenced for the ongoing investigation. Bare in mind that all electricity to the address had to be cut off for obvious safety reasons and this was all completed in the dark with torches!!!

A great result which was achieved through the teamwork of many local officers of which there are too many to mention, along with Specialist Support, Scenes of crime and our drugs reception team."

Police at the scene on Wednesday morning. Photo: NEMM

A Leicestershire Police spokesperson confirmed to NEMM on Wednesday that there was a cannabis grow inside the property, but couldn't confirm if both incidents were connected.

Reports suggested the Police helicopter was involved in the incident but this hasn't been commented on by Police.

It's estimated that the operation inside the property is valued at more than £10,000.

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